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Over 25 Years of Providing Exceptional Care! 
Boutique Style

Hospice Care

Our compassionate staff, nurses and physicians will provide you or your loved one with personalized care.


Our Promise Of Excellent In-Home Hospice Care

Entrust Hospice, provides patients and their families with excellent in-home palliative care and support services as they face their end of life journey.   

Our personalized, compassionate in-home hospice care is provided at your private residence, group home, assisted living facility, or wherever the patient needs us.  Individualized programs of dedicated in-home hospice care are designed to meet each patient’s (and their family's) unique physical, emotional, and spiritual goals.  

Entrust Hospice provides the medications, medical equipment, and supplies necessary to promote maximum comfort and dignity for each patient, no matter where they are located.

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Entrust Hospice is committed to providing compassionate   in-home hospice care and superb personalized service to patients, their families, loved ones and caregivers.
With Entrust Hospice, it is personal.  We provide a program of individualized in-home hospice care that is exactly right for each patient and their family members.
Entrust Hospice's mission is to bring respect, dignity, and quality of life to each patient’s last days, while supporting and providing solace to their families and loved ones.


Learn more about the personalized, boutique-style hospice care services we offer for
all of our patients in
 San Antonio, Texas.  Over 25 years of experience!

Boutique Hospice Care

Boutique-level services and compassionate care are delivered by a team of professionals that includes nurses, physicians, social workers, and many others.

Expert Palliative

Patients and their loved ones are cared for and supported by caring experts whose goal is to bring comfort, quality of life, and dignity to the end of life.


The Medicare hospice benefit provides for holistic, all-inclusive quality end-of-life care, usually at no cost to terminally ill Medicare beneficiaries.


We offer bereavement support to anyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one, no matter when, and even when the departed was not in our care.

Patient's Family Testimonials

See why we are one of the highest rated Hospice Providers in San Antonio

Steven R.

Entrust Hospice took great care of my grandmother. The staff  truly know how to take care of your love ones with the upmost respect and dignity.

Wayde V.

​​​​​​​The staff are very friendly!  I would definitely recommend their services to my friends and family.

Laura G.

Amazing, friendly, caring, and dedicated staff members, who go above and beyond to take care of their patients.

Nicholas G.

Great nursing staff who are very compassionate and caring to their patients and family members of their patients.

A Difference You’ll See Right Away

Entrust Hospice’s customized approach to care extends to providing telephone support 24/7, visits by a registered nurse to monitor  and manage symptoms, and access to a spiritual counselor to discuss concerns or distress.

Social workers provide details about a range of social and psychological support programs, and volunteers can give periodic respite to family caregivers.

A Better Option You Can Trust

Many of our patients come to us without knowing how to select the perfect hospice care provider for their circumstances.   Often, they have been given a "list" of options and are left to their own devices to choose.

Since every patient is unique we start with a free, no obligation initial consultation; call us today to schedule.

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Hospice Care Personalized to Your Exact Needs and Desires.

Skilled, Caring Team - Our local, experienced staff provides compassionate hospice care that is exactly right for each patient.  At Entrust Hospice, caring is personal.

Quality Medical Care - Trust us to professionally monitor and manage patients’ symptoms and offer spiritual and psychological support for related concerns or distress.
Trusted by Families & Professionals - Our compassionate in-home care experts are trusted by patients and their families to provide personal attention and 24/7 support.

Myth - All Hospice Care Providers are the Same!

Hospice providers are similar to any other healthcare specialist, they may perform the same function but HOW they do it makes all the difference.  The level of personalized care, compassionate attention and professionalism are some of the areas that set Entrust Hospice apart from our competitors.
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Who is Entrust Hospice?

The Most Caring Hospice Care Provider Serving Patients in San Antonio

For over 25 years Entrust Hospice has provided compassionate, uncompromising end-of-life care to patients and residents of our communities.  We are highly ranked in Senior Resource Guide’s and considered the best amongst our local competitors.  Our patients receive the high-quality treatment and care that you would expect from a boutique-level hospice care provider.

At Entrust Hospice, patients receive convenient at-home attention with state-of-the-art technology to make them, and their families, feel as comfortable as possible.  Obtain complete peace-of-mind when we are taking care of your loved one with our extraordinary hospice care program..

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Veteran-to-Veteran Volunteer Program!
Entrust Hospice would like to enlist your services to assist veterans who are near the end-of-life.  All volunteers will be trained to meet end-of-life needs, specific to veterans, in order to improve their quality of life.  Veteran volunteers are an important aspect of the Entrust Hospice team as they provide a uniquely tailored practical and emotional support to patients and their families.

Support Our Aging Heroes!
This may include:
  • Educating and assisting patients in receiving veteran benefits.
  • Helping revive and discuss memories that may recapture stories they can pass down to their loved ones.
  • Raising community awareness by planning events that recognize veterans on important holidays.
  • Assisting the Entrust Hospice team and the patient’s family members in developing a veteran-specific plan of care.
  • Providing companionship and camaraderie to fellow veterans.
  • Reading, talking, and or sitting with patients
Build a Bond
As part of the volunteer training we may verify veteran status by verifying; branch, rank, service dates or combat experience.  We will also require volunteers to follow organizational policies and to undergo a routine screening for possible PTSD difficulties.  A bond between members of the military is special, in that you can comfortably share and better understand each other’s experiences.

Veteran volunteers can often empathize in ways other hospice team or family members cannot.  If you are a veteran who is interested in providing support for our aging heroes or know of a veteran in need of end-of-life support, please email us at info@entrusthospice.com or call our office at 210-444-9159

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Frequently Asked Questions


The decision to choose hospice is a personal one, involving the patient, their family, physician, and caregivers.  Hospice emphasizes family involvement, as each person defines it, and helps individuals support each other during this challenging time of life.  Hospice’s expertise in palliative, or “comfort” care, assures the patient of state-of-the-art pain control and symptom management during times of transition.


Entrust Hospice is local, and we excel at providing boutique-level individualized programs of care to patients and their families.  Because we know the local culture, we are acutely sensitive to each individual’s goals and needs.  Our team of hospice professionals is headed by experienced individuals who are well-respected in the community.

Their decades of involvement in hospice care and palliative care allows them to draw upon a wide range of holistic services for the benefit of those we serve.  Entrust Hospice treats the whole person, not the disease, and also supports the survivors for as long as they require it.


Some hospitals and medical practices have a financial interest in a hospice provider.  Naturally, they refer patients to those.  All hospice care providers must comply with rigorous national standards, but the quality and responsiveness can vary within those requirements.


Not at all.  Hospice is an affirmative decision that enables patients to live their remaining days fully, among family and friends.  Hospice care focuses on enhancing the quality of each day during life’s final stages.  Its goal is to bring joy and peace to a time of transition, not to shorten or prolong life.  A patient can decide to leave hospice care at any time and return to aggressive curative treatment.  That choice is always available.


No, on the contrary.  Hospice care is a cost-effective alternative to the high costs associated with hospitals and traditional institutional care.  When an individual has Medicare and meets hospice eligibility requirements, most services of hospice staff are covered.  Under the Medicare hospice benefit, holistic, all-inclusive quality end-of-life care is provided at no cost to terminally ill Medicare beneficiaries.


Hospice is not a place.  It is a program of care that allows terminally ill patients and their families to remain together in the comfort and dignity of their home or other residential location to live their last days in tranquil surroundings.  Hospice care relies on the combined knowledge and skill of a team of professionals, including physicians, nurses, certified nursing assistants, social workers, counselors, and volunteers.

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